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Extra Benefits of Baking Soda

“99 ABC’s of Wellness” Article Credit: The original article 99 ABC’s of Wellness is by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, which has appeared on the Philippine Star on January 12, 1999.

Baking Soda c/o Wikipedia
Principle #12: Extra Benefits of Baking Soda

"Baking soda is a very versatile cleaner that can be used instead of toothpaste and mouthwash. It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner to remove grease and stubborn dirt when mixed with water or liquid soap to form a paste." (excerpt from the original article)

Extra Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is primarily a leavening agent. It makes the bread puff up. However, aside from that it is a
  • good exfoliant scrub because of its fine and rounded texture, making it effective and gentle to the skin. It helps remove dead skin cells especially skin discoloration due to scarring
  • good deodorant in combination with other ingredients. It can be used to make a dry or wet deodorant
  • alternative shampoo also in combination with other ingredients
  • good oral antacid taken to treat acid indigestion and heartburn
  • good cleansing agent. A solution in warm water will remove the tarnish from silver when the silver is in contact with a piece of aluminum foil

So, baking soda serves more than just baking bread. 

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  1. thanks for sharing arnel! pang-all around pala ang baking soda :)

  2. oo nga eh... di lang pala pang-bake... dapat yata tawag dun all purpose soda... hehe...


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