Monday, July 18, 2011

Extra Benefits of Baking Soda

“99 ABC’s of Wellness” Article Credit: The original article 99 ABC’s of Wellness is by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, which has appeared on the Philippine Star on January 12, 1999.

Baking Soda c/o Wikipedia
Principle #12: Extra Benefits of Baking Soda

"Baking soda is a very versatile cleaner that can be used instead of toothpaste and mouthwash. It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner to remove grease and stubborn dirt when mixed with water or liquid soap to form a paste." (excerpt from the original article)

Extra Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is primarily a leavening agent. It makes the bread puff up. However, aside from that it is a
  • good exfoliant scrub because of its fine and rounded texture, making it effective and gentle to the skin. It helps remove dead skin cells especially skin discoloration due to scarring
  • good deodorant in combination with other ingredients. It can be used to make a dry or wet deodorant
  • alternative shampoo also in combination with other ingredients
  • good oral antacid taken to treat acid indigestion and heartburn
  • good cleansing agent. A solution in warm water will remove the tarnish from silver when the silver is in contact with a piece of aluminum foil

So, baking soda serves more than just baking bread. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dietary Benefits of Broccoli

“99 ABC’s of Wellness” Article Credit: The original article 99 ABC’s of Wellness is by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, which has appeared on the Philippine Star on January 12, 1999.

Principle #11: Dietary Benefits of Broccoli

"Broccoli has indol-3-carbinol that combats cancer. Its phytochemical sulforaphane increases the level of certain cancer-fighting enzymes to defend the body against cigarette smoke, fumes, pesticides and other carcinogens." (excerpt from the original article)

Broccoli is also high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber. A single serving already gives more than 30 mg of Vitamin C and around 52 mg if you will consume half a cup. It is also a good source of lutein and beta-carotene.

High intake of Broccoli can help reduce the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. It is also found to be beneficial in preventing heart disease.

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables. I would specially love it stewed with beef. It is not only attractive on the eyes but also very delicious to the taste. 

Below is my personal recipe:  

Beef and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce


½ kilo lean beef cut into small rectangular pieces
1 medium broccoli cut into small pieces
2 medium onions sliced thinly
3 cloves garlic
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon butter
dash of salt and pepper to taste or a seasoning of your choice


Saute onion and garlic in butter.
Add the beef and water then cover.
Simmer until tender.
Then add broccoli.
Season to taste.
Dissolve cornstarch in oyster sauce and ¼ cup of water. When the vegetable is cooked, pour in the cornstarch mixture.
Stir well until the sauce thickens.
It’s cooked.
There are many easy-to-prepare recipes of this nutritious and delectable vegetable out there. It is also specially perfect for salads. You might want to try this recipe book from Amazon to get the perfect way of preparing Broccoli for your family. Enjoy it!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Proper Lifting Posture to Prevent Spinal Injury

“99 ABC’s of Wellness” Article Credit: The original article 99 ABC’s of Wellness is by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, which has appeared on the Philippine Star on January 12, 1999.

Principle #10: Proper Lifting Posture to Prevent Spinal Injury

In relation with back pain, we also need to be careful whenever we try to lift some heavy boxes or pieces of furniture. Normally, we bend over to pick them up but that is not the proper way to do it. Bending over can a put a lot of stress on our spine and may cause severe pain and even spinal problem later on.
"Do not bend over from the waist when picking up something. It is better to bend your knees and squat to reach the object instead." (excerpt from the original article)

I have seen a site that promotes educational resources for spinal care and I have thought of sharing it particularly along this topic of proper lifting posture. The website has provided methods of lifting that would help us do our task without straining our spine. We should take note that unlike the other parts of the body, the spinal cord has no capacity to regenerate itself like the skin. Once you get spinal injury, you may have it for life. 

Below are picture diagrams that show proper lifting methods from Seton Website. For more information, just click their logo on the left.

Wrong Method
Proper Lifting Method

We can also take care of our spine by including in our diet the essential vitamins and nutrients that can help strengthen our bones and spine. Like Vitamin A, which helps in repair tissues and bone formation; Vitamin B12, which is necessary for healthy bone marrow; Vitamin C, which is essential for the development collagen. Collagen helps cells to form into tissues, which is beneficial for the healing of injured tendons or ligaments and in keeping bones and tissues strong; Vitamin D, which improves Calcium absorption; Vitamin K, which is essential for the proper use of Calcium by the body. Iron, which helps the body produce myoglobin- an important element to make the muscles supporting the spine healthy; Magnesium, which helps maintain bone density, and Calcium, which helps maintain bone mass and prevent osteoporosis (

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Right Exercise for Back Pains

“99 ABC’s of Wellness” Article Credit: The original article 99 ABC’s of Wellness is by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, which has appeared on the Philippine Star on January 12, 1999.

Principle #9: The Right Exercise for Back Pains

"Up to 90% of all back pains are caused by either weak back muscles, weak abdominal muscles, or both. Lack of the right exercise is bad for your back." (excerpt from the original article)

According to Thomas E. Hyde, DC of, back and abdominal muscle exercise should be a part of the daily routine of good health just like tooth brushing. It should take around ten to twenty minutes of this kind of exercises each day to obtain optimal benefit.

It is a little startling for me when I have first learned about this information. I mean, if you are not exercising your back and abdominal muscles, it is as if you are not brushing your teeth. I have no idea that it is that important. I can imagine that many people out there do not even think of doing this on a daily basis.

I have tried to look for a video of a good back muscle-exercise technique that most people would find easy to do. I have found one from You Tube by David Wicker, which is a series of bird-dog exercises. I have provided the You Tube link to the video because for a reason I am not aware of, the embed code is not working. The video below is from the You Tube website, which link is provided here:


However, to be sure and practical, seek professional assistance before beginning any exercise especially if you are already experiencing back pains.
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