Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rules for Better Sleep - Part II

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To those who are experiencing any kind of sleep disorder, the Rules for Better Sleep would be a big help. Here is the second part for your appreciation:
  • Time to wind down is conducive to sleep. Engage in relaxing activities like reading, watching TV or listening to music thirty minutes before bedtime (and outside the bedroom).
  • Avoid worrying in bed about not being able to sleep. If after ten to fifteen minutes you are still awake, get out of bed and go to another room. Do something relaxing. When you start getting tired or sleepy, go back to bed. Staying in bed and forcing yourself to fall asleep will only make you angry and frustrated, further aggravating a conditioned arousal (negative conditioning).
  • If you find yourself "clock watching", turn the clock around or cover it so you cannot see it.

Compiled by Manalastas, R. Rules for Better Sleep
Comprehensive Sleep Disorder Center,
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Image Credit: internetmedicine.com

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