Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Should We Be Cautious of Sugar?

Perhaps, you have seen the TV ad of actress, Ms. Judy Ann Santos for a brand of milk formula. She speaks of the sugar content of the milk brand and explains why she feels at peace as a mom with her brand.

I have been wondering why we should be cautious about sugar levels because I believe that sugar is a very important part of the diet especially in children. Should we be cautious of sugar?

Magnification of grains of Sucrose
I have learned that sugar is a form of carbohydrate, which is the primary source of energy. I guess, that explains why soldiers have chocolates as part of their combat ration. Sugar increases our body’s energy. We cannot work without energy.

However, when I have found out the adverse effects of sugar to the body, I think there is ample reason to be cautious with sugar levels. Excessive sugar can suppress the body’s immune system. It can reduce up to 50% the ability of the white blood cells to overcome bacteria.

Over dose of sugar also deteriorates children’s (even adults) behavior, attention and learning ability. Studies show that it can cause abnormal behavior especially with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

I guess, it is logical that parents should consider sugar levels in the food that their children take to avoid any health related complications later in life.

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Children have such "sweet tooth". It is hard to keep them from eating sweets so maybe we can have healthy alternatives without sacrificing little pleasures. This is is not a paid post by the way. I'm just citing a possible ill effect of too much sugar and an example of an alternative product.

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  1. You are right, it's alright to have occasional treat rather than needed daily.


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