Friday, February 11, 2011

Eating Healthy When Eating Out

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Definitely, restaurants and dine-in bars would be filled with dating couples. Eating out is the simplest and most common activity that most couples choose to celebrate the special occasion but sometimes it breaks your diet especially if you are on a slimming regimen.

I have stumbled upon a brochure that has tips about eating healthy when eating out. I guess, this would be helpful especially to people who would want to please a loved one with a dinner date while staying on a healthy diet.

  • It says, when eating salads, it would preferable to use vegetable oil and vinegar dressing instead of mayonnaise.
  • On your bread, it would better to choose margarine instead of butter.
  • For your chicken, choose broiled or grilled, and remove the skin before eating.
  • If you would have a steak, don’t hesitate to ask the chef to trim off excess fat before cooking.
  • If you would want hamburgers, avoid cheese or mayonnaise toppings. It would be better to put tomatoes and lettuce instead.
  • With fish, broiled or poached fillets or would be good.
  • When it comes to pasta, if you can choose the sauce, use marinara, clam, or tomato sauce without meat or sausage and creamy sauces.
  • You can eat a lot of vegetables just avoid heavy sauces.
  • For your dessert, sherbet and fresh fruits are excellent choices.
  • For your tea or coffee, use skimmed milk or a non-dairy, non-fat creamer.

This would be helpful to health buffs out there that would want to eat out on a date however, don’t let your diet program steal the thrill away. It’s important to enjoy each other’s company more than anything else.

Information from:
Alagang Pfizer, Alagang Sulit Brochure

Image above courtesy of:
Giselle and Robert Philip, a scene from the movie “Enchanted”

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