Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don’t Take Breast Discomfort for Granted

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Brassiere provides support for the breast in women, to enhance the size of the breasts, restrict movement during physical activity, push the breasts up to augment the cleavage or lift sagging breasts from the chest wall. Manufacturers continually work on designs that would provide both functional and visual appeal.

Brassiere is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but also for good body posture. It is especially helpful for those who have relatively large breasts because women with large breasts tend to lean forward and that put a big strain on the backbone.

However, there are instances that women feel discomfort on their breasts because of tight brassieres. These minor discomforts can lead to dermatological infections if left unchecked.

Thus, it is particularly essential that women wear the right size of bra to avoid discomfort. Experts say that in order to know the right bra size, a woman should get the measurement of her breasts (apex), and her measurement below the breasts. Example: A woman measures 36 inches (apex), and the measurement below her breasts is 34 inches. Subtract 34 from 36 and the difference is equivalent to her cup size. So, her bra size is 36B.

Apex:     36 in.
Below:   34in.

1 inch = cup A
2 inches = cup B
3 inches = cup C
4 inches = cup D

Minor skin irritation can cause serious infections that pose a hazard to a woman’s health. It is essential that women wear the bra that fits their size right.

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