Thursday, September 16, 2010

Which Weight Loss Program is the Most Effective?

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For the past years, I noticed that while people begin to expand in size not only in terms of population but also in body measurement, different weight loss diet plans and programs came out. Each promised a pleasurable yield that it became so hard to choose which one would be most effective.

One important factor that determines a weight loss program’s effectiveness is discipline. The effect of a particular weight loss program is largely commensurate on the person’s determination to achieve his goal. Even if he signs up with an expensive health club or diet plan, but if he wouldn’t stick to it, he won’t see any effect.

Another would be the practicality of the diet plan. If you would need to follow strict measurement in terms of grams per meal, it could tire you out after a while. However, if you can do it, that’s good for you.

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Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest person has found the Zone Diet effective for his own personal weight loss program. By following the Zone, he has lost about 570 lbs, almost half of his original weight. Celebrity news says that Jennifer Aniston is on the Zone too.  The diet plan is a low carb diet plan with equal proportions of protein and fat (40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat). The person on diet must maintain a meal that will not go over 500 calories, and a snack that will not exceed 100 calories.

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According to Zone Diet Info, excessive carbohydrates produce too much insulin in the body, which triggers the body to convert carbohydrates into fat and stores them around the body. On the other hand, the protein stimulates the hormone glucagon, which stimulates the body to release the carbohydrates around the liver. That signifies that energy supply is full, therefore the body stops to crave for food. Zone aims to control hunger by keeping the body chemicals, insulin and glucagon in balance. The process would cause fat and weight loss.

Watch what you eat and keep your body moving. That is the only way weight loss programs can become effective.

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